A few BC Ducks

The Lower Mainland of BC is an excellent place to observe ducks in the winter months, as the Fraser Estuary, the shallow bays on the coast and the many wetlands provide exceptional winter habitat. The following photographs were taken in the last couple of weeks.

Wood duck (male)
Hooded merganser (male)
Harlequin ducks (female on left, male on right)
Ring-necked duck (male)
Northern shovelers (male)
Hooded merganser (female)
American wigeon (male)
Wood duck (female)

Return to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Every time I am in Vancouver, I try to visit the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Westham Island. This week, I managed a quick visit on Wednesday. In the previous week, there had been more than 70 bird species reported – an impressive total for a winter week in Canada! Included were three species of owl. In my brief visit, I managed to see more than 30 species – ducks were prolific! No owls unfortunately, but a good day nonetheless. Driving out to Abbotsford afterward, I saw well over 100 eagles sitting on about five adjacent trees, near the banks of the Fraser River. As I was on the highway, I had no opportunity to stop for a photograph. A few photos from the Sanctuary follow.

Bald eagle, Westham Island
Wood duck (female)
Wood duck (male)
Hooded merganser (male)
Sandhill crane
Pintail duck
Spotted towhee
Ring-necked duck (female)